If your home's air conditioner isn't providing the cool air you need, contact an HVAC repair technician right away. S & S Mechanical works on residential HVAC systems in the Sparks, NV area.

We have a team of technicians who have the experience needed to repair or replace your HVAC system. We work on all types of HVAC systems, including:

  • Central air conditioners
  • Ductless mini-split systems
  • Boilers
  • Radiant heating systems
  • Air ducts

We'll troubleshoot the problem you're having and make recommendations about an HVAC repair or replacement. Call 775-331-3800 today to speak with a residential HVAC technician in Sparks, Nevada.

Save money by replacing an old HVAC system

When you are having to repair your unit frequently, it might be more cost effective to replace your HVAC unit. We'll help you determine the right system for your property and handle the replacement or custom installation. Contact S & S Mechanical today for HVAC repair and replacement services in Sparks, NV.